It’s a flaming-oh!


My second project from the pattern book I knit the hat out of. Acutually the first but the second to make it here.

While stitching in the flamingo was hard – keeping track of where in the bird you are – knitting took so long and so much patience! It was just knitknitknit purlpurlpurl knitknitknit purlpurlpurl… I often put it away and did nothing for a week or two so it took a long time to finish. I stitched up the inside pillow out of scrap fabric and stuffed it with leftover stuffing my mother had from we don’t remember what. And to finish it I covered some cardboard in fabric to creat grey buttons.

And that is my completely self made pillow.

Most importantly, the yarn I used is so super soft you don’t want to let go. I can’t remember what it’s made of but mohair played a part… The pink, black and white were from my scrap stash.

It should be a square pillow but it’s rectangular for one very important reason: I ran out of yarn… I still have a teeny tiny bit left but I wanted to bind off without playing too much yarnchicken. Learned that expression recently, I really like it ^^)

– isn’t my bookshelf pretty?


[October 2015]


An influx of new yarn


I bought this yarn at Mylys in Hamburg. Fantastic shop, very cute and the people there are very friendly

The left one and the mini skein are Madelinetosh, the middle one is Malabrigo and the right one is Quince&co Chickadee. I bought a few skeins of the Quince yarn to make something out of the “Home and away knits” book. I’m looking forward to that.

When I saw that they were doing a fashion show on instagram I instantly wanted to participate but I set myself the goal to first finish the other sweater I was knitting. And when that one was finally done there were other more pressing things I had to do and now I won’t be able to finish it in time of april 10th. Originally I bought the yarn in February when I was in Hamburg for a wedding and even then I was so excited to start, but I think this yarn will get stashed and probably be used sometime in summer because there are a few things that I’ve signed up for that need to be cast on before that.

When I was looking for projects I wanted and needed to finish up I once again realised how much yarn I have and since I’m trying to safe up some money for nice holidays I’m going into stashbusting mode. I won’t buy any new yarn until I reduced my stash by one box of yarn. (I have about four or five rather large boxes. At least one has to go.) I’ll make an exception to this for when I’m travelling and discovering yarn I wouldn’t get at home and for super good deals I might come across. You never know.

[I’ve moved this post over from my tumblr and edited it slightly. Back when I wrote this I didn’t know about knitting podcasts and I didn’t know how seductive it would be to listen to people talking about yarn. I caved. I let myself be seduced by pretty words and pictures. I ordered yarn, from Madelinetosh (that’s just been sent off towards me) and from Plucky the knitter (that’s waiting at the post office for me to pick up) and now. I’m looking forward to that but the statement I wrote back in February is still so true and even more so now.

But I’ll try something new, I’ll do a stashbusting project. Each month I have to finish at least one project that will use up a skein/ball/hank of yarn from my stash. And my stash is not allowed to grow. That means if I do buy yarn I need to knit up more than what I’ve bought. (This month is going to be hard… There have been so many new aquisitions already!)



[February 2016 and heavily edited in April 2016]



[Bommel = the german word for PomPom]

I finished another bobble / pompom hat / Bommelmütze / Pudelmütze. The last one I knit last winter for my sister and I just started knitting. For this one I used a knitting pattern from the book “Knitting smitten” by Jessica Biscoe (I own the German edition..) There wasn’t much new stuff in the pattern but I learned one nifty way to knit two stitches together. It really does look pretty.

The yarn I used was from Lang yarns and since I got it from their outletshop it didn’t have a tag anymore. It is very soft and easy to knit with, I liked working with it. A friend of mine bought some as well and while mine was impeccable she wasn’t satisfied quality wise, there were quite a few weak places and felted bumps in her balls.

I made another thing – a pillow, the yarn I used is divine! – out of the book, and a third piece is in the works. (I recently wore the hat, and sadly it is a little small for my head. While inspecting it I realised I forgot to weave in the ends.. It is not something I mind but I guess I was a little too excited to finally be finished with that hat..)

 – my bookshelf makes a nice background..

Ocotober 2015

Mylys in Hamburg

mylys hamburg

Mylys in Hamburg

They have a fantastic selection of yarns (I bought my first madelinetosh, quince&co. and malabrigo yarn there and i love them all!) the people are super friendly and helpful and the shop is so cute!

They have quite a wide range of yarns, european and international ones. They stock quite a few knitting books and magazines as well as knick knaks you might need. I was able to replace my knitpro needle I broke a week prior to my hamburg trip. I’ve been there twice now and if I’m in hamburg again it will definitely be a stop on my list.

The second time I was there with a friend and the cafe next door wafted such delicious smells at us that it was hard to resist. (We only did because there was leftover wedding cake waiting at my friends place…)

Mylys, Weidenallee 12, 20357 Hamburg

November 2015 and again in February 2016


Perranuthnoe Village Craft


I haven’t always done this but in recent years I’ve started looking for yarn shops when travelling. I’d check out what I’d find on the internet and then try and find it when I’m there. This was one of the harder ones. We were on a roadtrip trough the south of england and especially cornwall and that little village wasn’t on the map and our GPS was unable to locate it.

We looked the town up on google maps, got the estimate time it would take us from a bigger town before this village to the exit for it and we were set. On the road we were looking for the sign saying “Perranuthnoe“. And always checking the time to make sure we hadn’t missed our turn.

And it was worth it. The cutest little village, a cloudy view of St. Michael’s Mount (on the way back to the village from the beach we got caught in a little rain shower..) and a wee bit of yarn for me. They had quite a nice selection and I thought it was funny that they stock Lang Yarns. (That’s my go to sockyarn brand and I didn’t know they were so widely known…)

Perranuthnoe Village Craft shop.

(May 2014)

k1 and Kathy’s Knits in Edinburgh

edinburgh-k1knitshop-smlk1 yarns on the W Bow in Edinburgh… (the blue shopfront on the left..)

While waiting for it to open I found an amazing bookshop “The Golden Hare” so pretty and so many cool books.. *le sigh* (on the W Bow as well, just on the right side from where this picture was taken…)

I did visit Kathy’s knits on Broughton Street as well but sadly I forgot to take a picture of it. (The shopfront wasn’t as picturesque as this one and it is located below floors…).

k1 is a very pretty shop with wooden floors and a wide selection of knitters knick knacks – you’ll probably find anything you could want there. I had to hold myself back and only bought two wooden crochet hooks and two packs of stitch markers (one as a gift for a friend and one for myself). I bought a two balls of sock yarn there but didn’t want to spend too much there. At Kathys knits there was a very big yarn selection and I had trouble deciding. In the end I bought two yarnpony skeins, one with the intention to knit a hat for my sister and one for myself.

The funny part is, that was in my beginning stages as a knitter and I didn’t want to spend too much on yarn or buy too many skeins because I was afraid of not being able to knit it up. (Let me tell you, that inclination has changed in the past two and a half years since my edinburgh trip! Another visit to Edinburgh and the yarnshops would probably do considerable damage to my budget…


K 1 Yarns & Knitting Boutique, W Bow, Edinburgh EH1 2JP,

Kathy’s Knits, 64 Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3SA

(November 2013)