Let’s start a podcast! Or not…

In the beginning of this year I was highly motivated by all the awesome V-Logs swarming around in December to try my hand at podcasting. Just sharing what you’re doing and keeping the stats somewhere. And if you say something in public it has to be true, right? So if I did a podcast and told everyone about the things I wanted to do then surely I’d do them?

So I decided that I’d start a podcast. Can’t be that hard, right?

Well. I thought about the format, the schedule and such and came to the conclusion once per month would be good, for me at least. As I don’t have much free time with daylight when home that seemed reasonable and doable. So at the end of the month, I’d film and keep track of my stats and all. Well, I filmed and it was very rushed because I had to be somewhere and I lost all my words and felt super awkward and I didn’t really know what to say and rambled at the same time. Fail.


I haven’t watched the disaster that was my first try whole yet but I don’t think a podcast is going to happen for me, at least not in the foreseeable future.

So what else to do to keep a tab on my stats? Post them to my harshly abandoned blog, that’s what!


So, January was a rather dreary month. There was often sunshine in the afternoon but the mornings were grey and the days bitter cold. And because of the cold I spent most of my evenings cuddled up at home knitting. I finished my Christmas cast on – I only knit the cuff in December, the rest was done in January so basically the first pair of socks. I call them my “Getting my Glitz On” socks as I used Voolenvine Yarns on the Blitzed base in the Mooncusser colourway and its super sparkly and pretty. As a pattern I used my vanilla recipe but put in a Fish Lips Kiss Heel and used the “Mercury” pattern by Kim Drotar on the front. But that’s not all on the sock front, I finished another pair of socks that I lovingly called “Obliviate” because I was stress knitting on those to forget all the stuff that was coming up and had to be done and what not. Those were just plain vanilla socks with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel.

I also participated in the “Cozy Shlanket M-Kal “by Mina Philip and finished each clue by the Thursday of the week that it was published. I cast it off on the 25th and blocked it. I’m still waiting for a nice sunny day to maybe take a wilderness shot of it. We’ll see when that will happen.

The one thing I’m most proud of is my finished “The first few falling leaves” by Sylvia McFadden. I’ve cast this on in July and wanted to take it on my September holiday but that didn’t happen. It was my first lace project and in the beginning I was fine until a certain row and that was the row I ripped back four or five times. I put it away and that was that for quite a while. I picked it up again in December but didn’t make much progress because it took up so much concentration. Putting in a bunny load of stitch markers helped me out a lot, otherwise I don’t think I’d be done by now. I’ve done twelve repeats (I think, I’m suddenly not all too sure anymore) and it used up just three rows more than one skein of Malabrigo Lace. It seems small but I think it’s all right. I’ll see after blocking.

So four finished projects in January (the second of February counts as January) two shawls and two socks, I think this was a wonderful start into the New Year.

I’ve written down some knitting goals and all but I think I’ll share those in another post.

If anyone is interested, all mentioned projects can be found on my Ravelry profile. Not all of them have photos of the finished project but I’m working on those.

So woohoo for the first monthly status report on my knitting! (That is kind of horribly late) Maybe someday I’ll record a podcast and think ‘awesome, let’s post that!’ until then I’ll keep practicing.


Stay warm and knitty


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