Train knitting and broken needles

I was never much of a travel knitter until I realized how time flies when you knit on a train ride. It’s fantastic and you’re mostly undisturbed as well.

My most recent train adventure was from Hamburg to The Hague, three different trains, about six or seven hours of travelling. I’m really glad that the trains were not late (as is almost a given in Germany) so I was able to make all the connections and it was wonderful weather outside. 

But while train knitting is fantastic and relaxing, it also bears dangers. Dangers that are not necessarily reserved for travelling but have happened to me quite frequently when I’m out and about. Dangers I was unaware of until last April but something that’s happened more often recently. And I don’t know if it’s just me or what but.

Why do I always break my knitting needles? Seriously! I have killed quite a few Knit Pro Symphonies, they’ve mostly broken right at the joint of the wood and the metal – and yes, it’s mostly my fault – but I’ve also killed a Hya Hya cable. Let’s just say my bunnies love yarn and plastic and everything you can chew on. So I’m trying really hard to just be ‘whatever live happens’ and not get angry about it but it’s slowly but surely getting expensive for me on the needle part of knitting. And that was not something I expected!

When I reached The Hague I went and checked into my Airbnb and then checked the way to the next knitting shop. Which I knew was close by. (I had the opening hours saved on my mobile, so I knew they were open till eight on thursdays which was just my luck because I arrived just around six so I did not have to hurry to make it there before closing.

I went to `Cross & Woods’ which was just a five minute walk away. They had a sewing class going on – it looked like fun – and the lady in the shop was super nice.

I did not buy yarn.

WHAT? Yes, I did not buy yarn because I did not have my list with me and the yarn that caught my attention was ‘The Fibre Co.’ and since I’m going to Edinburgh Yarn Festival I’m hesitant to buy something here when I know there will be an even bigger selection there.

But I’ll be going back to the shop while I’m here, this time with my list so I can try and find something project fitting. Because I need to buy yarn responsibly.


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