Well, my resolutions were kind of thrown out of the window. There was so much I wanted to do and not do (like keeping up with this blog and not buying yarn…) and somehow it’s just not happening.
The blog thing I’m fixing now. The yarn thing will be harder.
So let’s recap quickly on what’s happened in this past month (and some) since my last post:
-I explored The Hague and visited the yarn shop there (again).
-I went to the beach (yes, in winter, yes, the north sea, yes it was windy cold but wonderfully sunny and nice to breath in a little sea breeze…)
-I was in Amsterdam and visited ‘Stephen and Penelope’ and didn’t do much else there.
-I got home and wanted to declutter my apartment and don’t know what else and basically just sat around knitting for a week?
-I might have been to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival… (pft, might. I was there and my backpack was considerably heavier on my way home…)
-There are some finished projects to document for my monthly review – which is now a two month review? Oops.

But in this instant here I’d really like to rave about something entirely else:
The Hedgehog Fiber Yarn Club.
I joined that on a whim while travelling and kind of forgot (or rather I put it out of my mind to quell the guilt at having so willingly ignored one of my resolutions?) I received the shipping notification on Wednesday, it shipped on Thursday and I pulled the package out of my letterbox on Saturday. Say what? While I live in Europe I’m not in the EU which usually makes quite a difference on the package border control. Usually that takes up a day or two or five. And I know that and don’t mind (why be annoyed when there is nothing you can do to change that? No, moving is not an option 😀 ) it feels absolutely luxurious to receive a package so fast and know I’m probably one of the first in that club to see the yarn. So cool.
I’m really excited for the next package and as I am very bad at keeping my resolutions I’m very much looking forward to the A Homespun House Harry Potter Yarn Club I will receive this month. Now I’ll have to weave in some ends and take some photos of my other finished objects so I can share my monthly review. I hope I don’t get too distracted with other things… (I cast on a sock yesterday and I’m just about to finish that, while there was other stuff I wanted to do it’s kind of awesome to say I knit a sock in a day, right?)
-With love, the queen of procrastination. (Prove to that? I wrote this post on the second of April and just forgot to post it… oops?)

p.s. for your enjoyment, a photo of one part of the duo of the cutest bunnys out there:



Ermh yeah, about that.

Well, I wrote my next entry and it seems that it’s never been published. Don’t know what happened there. And anyways, why has it already been a month again?!?

Currently I’m on the ferry to Ireland for a two week roadtrip in a VW Camper Bus (new model, sadly not an old classic one but her name is Francesca and she’s faboulous!) with my sister.

Much has happened and somehow not much at all. I’ve been kind of active with my knitting but haven’t really talked much about that.

I finshed two pairs of socks (one for me and shortys for my sister) and I’m about halfway through the “Find your fade”. I get what a lot of people have said, there’s just a time when you’re done with it and I get it but it’s somewhat also why I enjoy it. After a long day at work when I can’t really concentrate on anything and just want to put my mind to rest but my hands itch to do something more it’s the project I pick up.

What’s next are my father birthday socks and then it’s onwards into uncharted teritory. I’ve got a cabinet full of yarn and I’ll just pick what strikes my fancy. We’ll see. I’d like another garment or maybe I’ll finaly rip the other one back? Or I kind of want to knit a Stephen West pattern and there’s a kit waiting for me at home. Time will tell.

More about my Ireland adventure in another post.