Ermh yeah, about that.

Well, I wrote my next entry and it seems that it’s never been published. Don’t know what happened there. And anyways, why has it already been a month again?!?

Currently I’m on the ferry to Ireland for a two week roadtrip in a VW Camper Bus (new model, sadly not an old classic one but her name is Francesca and she’s faboulous!) with my sister.

Much has happened and somehow not much at all. I’ve been kind of active with my knitting but haven’t really talked much about that.

I finshed two pairs of socks (one for me and shortys for my sister) and I’m about halfway through the “Find your fade”. I get what a lot of people have said, there’s just a time when you’re done with it and I get it but it’s somewhat also why I enjoy it. After a long day at work when I can’t really concentrate on anything and just want to put my mind to rest but my hands itch to do something more it’s the project I pick up.

What’s next are my father birthday socks and then it’s onwards into uncharted teritory. I’ve got a cabinet full of yarn and I’ll just pick what strikes my fancy. We’ll see. I’d like another garment or maybe I’ll finaly rip the other one back? Or I kind of want to knit a Stephen West pattern and there’s a kit waiting for me at home. Time will tell.

More about my Ireland adventure in another post.


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