Yarnisco Part II


atelier-yarns-san-franAfter not being able to visit “Greenwich Yarns” I realised how desperate I actually was for yarn, for a new knitting project, for something to do with my hands.

As it wasn’t possible to visit another Yarnshop on Thursday I googled myself silly that night and made a desperate decision. “Atelier Yarns” was fairily close (according to google maps a 30 min walk or a 10 minute busride) and it opens at 11. We had to check out by 12 but I was desperate to make it work. I purchased the pattern from etsy and I was good to go.

I memorized where I needed to go, what bus rout I’d have to take and after breakfast I left my travelling friend and walked there. (I had time to spare, we always got up rather early, I don’t think we ever really adjusted to the local time in San Francisco).

On the way I stopped at a very cute bakery and got myself a cupcake. It was very delicious! (I only bought it so I’d be able to use the loo there but shhh!)

Once at Atelier Yarns I knew I needed fingering weight yarn, about two skeins, a colour I liked and preferably something soft. And if possible a yarn brand I’d never knit with before. I browsed and browsed and as I was on a tight schedule I almost settled for Madeline Tosh but at the last minute I spottet this gorgeous Sweet Georgia Yarn. It’s a silver grey colour and super soft (and as I’ve come to realize it leaves fuzz everywhere!) with Cashmere and silk contents but sadly I’ve misplaced the tag and can’t remember the exact info or colourway name of it. I think I lost the tag on the plane.

I bought the right needles (Clover Circular Bamboo) for the yarn, stitch markers and they let me wind the yarn there. The lady behind the counter was super helpful and tried to help us three knitters at the same time – there were two other ladys in teh shop, one was travelling as well.

I’d have loved to chat more with them all but I almost ran out of the shop and to the bus only to make it to the hotel with time to spare. But I always get very stressed before flights and I’m very often quite unreasonably scared to miss it.

I was a very happy knitter on that plane.


The pattern was “Sugarplum Shawl” by Mina Philipp.



August was a difficult knitting month for me. There was so much to do in so little time that I gave up on trying to stay on top of the knitting podcasts I watch and the progress I wanted to make.

That light shawl I wanted to knit for my vacation in September? Still in the box because after making the same mistake three times and having to rip back the same amount of times takes a toll on a knitters patience. Until I figure out where I make that mistake that project will stay in it’s box.

The socks I so badly want to finish because I hate them? I don’t remember where I put them… If I run into them again I might frog them. (Toe up is not for me..)

That were my stats at the end of August.

September was my knitting fast month because I was travelling in Hawaii and I hate knitting in the heat. And there’s the luggage issue as well. That’s why I left all my knitting at home.

But by the end of these four weeks I was itching to knit again so there had to be a yarnshop stop in our one day San Francisco Stopover. I decided on Greenich yarns because it was on our route from Fishermans Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge.

It looked lovely from the outside and I’d have loved to go inside but they’re closed on Thursdays. Didn’t expect that. Oh well…

(there’s a second part to my yarn venture in San Francisco following soon..)